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The Reliable Cleaners in Hawkesbury

House cleaning is one thing that most people dread. Unfortunately, it’s also something unavoidable.  It’s a chore that surfaces its ugly head every weekend when all you want to do is unwind and take a break from the daily grind. But we at Ultimate Cleaning Company believe that’s not how it should be. We are the cleaners in Hawkesbury who bring to you outstanding house cleaning services that take away a lot of this stress and burden from your shoulders.

Variety of Services

Homes that have children and pets tend to become even more messy and dirty and it’s important that you don’t let those dust mites, bacteria and germs fester in different areas of your home.  We provide a variety of specialised services that are an absolute boon for busy homeowners:

  • Spring Cleaning- This is a one-off service that you can opt for as and when you need it. This service is specially designed and our cleaners in Hawkesbury will deep clean every nook and cranny of your home. You can opt for this service at just about any time of the year.
  • Move-out House Cleaning- This bond cleaning service is perfect when you don’t want to take chances with getting your bond money back at the end of your lease. We know exactly how to clean all the areas and ensure they are sparkling clean
  • Pressure cleaning- While most indoor spaces get cleaned on a regular basis, outdoor areas and the exterior walls of your home tend to get ignored. They are also sometimes more difficult to clean by yourself. We offer excellent pressure-cleaning services and these help keep all the pathways, walkways, retaining walls and exterior walls as well as installations like outdoor kitchens etc clean, right round the year. Commercial customers also opt for these services to get their retail establishment frontage cleaned.
  • Window Cleaning- Today, large glass windows are a very common feature on most homes and commercial buildings. They add to the attractiveness, airiness and openness of a building. However, these surfaces also tend to attract a lot of grime and dust. We provide special window cleaning services that are effective and reasonably-priced too. In addition to cleaning the glass surfaces, we also ensure that the fly screens and tracks are cleaned well.
  • Strata Cleaning- This is another specialised service we provide. Strata managers across the region trust only our cleaners in Hawkesbury to get all the spaces on their property clean as a whistle. We clean all common areas, fire stairs, car parks and garbage rooms as well as all the outdoor areas on the property. Apart from this, we handle garbage disposal, lawn mowing, bin management as well as edge trimming.

As you can see, we provide comprehensive cleaning services. We handle every job, big and small with the highest levels of expertise and ensure that you get the kind of solutions you need. For high grade cleaners in Hawkesbury, call The Ultimate Cleaning Company at 0490 138 980 or connect with us through this online form.